A two player, custom controller game, encouraging the discussion on gender expectations. Inspired by "for her" products and the game Bop It, ConVERBance instructs players with gender-specific verbs and players must do the correct action on the controller. I joined the Sandbox team in the 2nd half of the year to polish the game and I identified 3 goals to move the game forward: (1) Unifying visual style while showing distinct separation between sides, (2) Create a less distracting gameplay experience, (3) Pick a typeface that not only suited ConVERBance, but also helped to develop a brand for the game. After that state, my focus shifted towards custom controller creation with the team's hardware programmer.

Amila nuhodzic converbance title
Amila nuhodzic pull 01
Amila nuhodzic pull 02
Amila nuhodzic twist 01
Amila nuhodzic twist 02
Amila nuhodzic twist 03
Amila nuhodzic twist 04
Amila nuhodzic twist 05
Amila nuhodzic twist 06
Amila nuhodzic femcontroller
Amila nuhodzic masccontroller
Amila nuhodzic artboard5 05

Feedback sheet posted near game display as well as comment cards (double sided) for gallery showing.

Amila nuhodzic converbance ui artboard 1

Game UI

Amila nuhodzic gameui 1

At the end of the game, a question box pops up asking rhetorical questions, this was a proof of concept.

Amila nuhodzic converbance textbox artboard 1

Pop-up box updated with correct typeface and "press any button to continue" was added.

Amila nuhodzic converbance words

Verb assets that appear from the center. Players must hit correct controls that correspond to the verb.

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