Blood to Ink

Blood to Ink is a narrative murder mystery game developed for tablet. You play as A.E.C. a writer in the 1950s writing about the recent death of Hollywood heartthrob Alfred Glenn. You can explore the mansion for clues, investigate objects, and question suspects, all while piecing together what really happened that night. Our game is available for Android mobile tablet devices using Google Play.

As the UI artist on the team, my goal was to make every screen unique and exciting while keeping in mind the current art style as well as having assets remain consistent throughout.

Beginning with thumbnail sketches, and then moving onto digital wireframes, I was able to test and iterate on my concepts weekly in order to create a comprehensive and easy to learn user experience.

All character art by Jody Briggs -

Amila nuhodzic coverbloodtoink
Amila nuhodzic game dialogue

Dialogue screen interface.

Amila nuhodzic game map

The map, used to travel to different areas of the home

Amila nuhodzic game profile

Character bio screen, features 8 characters total which the player could swipe through.

Amila nuhodzic game profilecloseup

Close up of characters once selected on the bio screen.

Amila nuhodzic blood mockup 00

Navigation icons located on the bottom of the screen. Icons include a map to travel, a journal for notes, case files for character bios, and a handbag/box for inventory items.

Amila nuhodzic blood mockup 1

Gesture icon animations used in the tutorial to teach players double tapping to reset the camera, rotating the camera with one finger, panning the camera with two fingers, and pinching to zoom in/out.

Amila nuhodzic loadinganimation

Loading animation created in After Effects.