Querent Kickstarter Campaign

As the illustrator and graphic designer on the team, my goal was to create a professional looking Kickstarter Campaign for our guidebook: The Cartomancer's Tome. We had brand guidelines to follow with the creation of these new assets. Since Kickstarter doesn't allow for any text and layout customization, we took to uploading images of text and illustrations to achieve the look we were going for. It was important that our assets were legible and communicated well in both desktop and mobile. Visit the Kickstarter link to view the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fatbirdstudios/querent-the-cartomancers-tome

Amila nuhodzic ksmockup
Amila nuhodzic brandguidelines 01

Brand guidelines. Querent's colors features complementary primary colors and analogous secondary colors. For branded photos, a filter with the primary colors as a gradient is used.

Amila nuhodzic kscampaign text 01

Sample text using elements from the logo as headers and dividers. It was important to us to keep elegance in these assets while keeping them easy to read.

Amila nuhodzic cardsprex herosjourney

We used 4 sets of gifs to help our backers visualize how the game works. Pictured above is our Hero's Journey Spread.

Amila nuhodzic bookmockup

Book mock up created and textured to provide visual to backers.

Amila nuhodzic kscampaign illustrations 02

Illustrated icons were created to represent the different reward tiers. These icons were drawn in the style of the custom tarot deck that is being developed.

Amila nuhodzic kscampaign badges 05

Badges to show off our accomplishments and important milestones reached during the campaign.

Amila nuhodzic kscampaign buttons 03

Buttons were created to link backers to our website and social medias.

Amila nuhodzic kscampaign team 04

Team photos for the about section, we wanted to play up the tarot card theme.

Amila nuhodzic querent banner 2x